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My son absolutely loves this program and has asked to continue it. I love that enthusiasm.

Lisa Rupertus

We are thrilled with this program. Any homeschool math program that gets the girls competitive with themselves and working hard at math is a hit with me.


The website is very helpful and I give it five stars.

Tessa Ramos (5th Grade student)
Giddings, Texas

This website is great and is helping me catch up with my fellow students.

Samuel (Algebra II student)
Boise, Idaho

I have to say I was quite impressed with this program. I really liked the videos were short (only about 5-10 minutes) – that is huge for my oldest son who struggles with attention and focus. And my younger son really enjoyed them too!

Jennifer King

I love CTCMath because it does not stress my out like most online math programs.
I like the accent of the guy who tutors.

Veronica Fogo (4th Grade student)
lakewood, Colorado

I love it,you've done a lot to help me with my math skills in stuff, I am VERY blessed to have this site thanks! (a lot)

Clara Bulger (3rd Grade student)
Beach, North Dakota

Here are some things that I really like about CTCMath:

~Kids enjoy it (huge plus)
~Grades each problem immediately
~Scores, my kids love seeing their scores
~Speed Skills-helps the kids practice math facts

Testimonial image
Testimonial image

After my son took the Comprehensive Test in the 6th grade math course, we found that he already has mastered all that was asked of him in that level so we moved him up to the next level. Since you can start and stop anywhere in the program, I found this a wonderful tool for my son because we found the 6th grade level in this program was something he has already mastered and was able to move on to the next level without having to purchase anything else.


CTCMath is just what will benefit your kids as an introduction to or a reinforcement of any math topic. And I found it offered strong review to me, as a homeschooling mom, especially as I struggle with grasping the more difficult mathematical concepts within algebra and how to present them in a fundamental, yet simple manner!I found that CTCMath truly and sincerely became a strong asset in our homeschool.


I have been learning so much since I joined CTCMath we have got so much more to learn in life so learn on!!!!!!!

jade lily burke (6th Grade student)
blairsville, georgia

I really love CTCMath! It's so fun to do the tests and also complete the Speed Skills :) I think it's really neat how they made math actually fun!

Olivia Guerrero (Algebra 1 student)
Groveland, Florida

I highly recommend you check out CTCMath to see if it is a program you feel will benefit you and your child. I think you will be impressed with what you see!

Christy Maurer
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Thank you for a math curriculum that actually teaches. Mr. Murray is very well organized and clear. We love his aussie accent!

Russell Person (3rd Grade student)
Los Alamos, California

Where has this been all our lives!!! Our family loves it!!!

Melissa Carroll
Eustis, Florida